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Welcome to River City!

Hi. River City is one of the most experienced water sports shop in Seoul, Korea. Due to our quality service, we have a lot of regular customers. Also our place is popular for many TV commercials and shows. Korean idols, movie actors, and many foreigners visited our shop had fun. Now it is your turn!

We have the best facility, friendly to foreign visitors, and clean facility as well!

Have a exciting Summer at the center of Seoul. Only 10 minutes away from the subway station right in the center of Seoul!

Thank you!

Service Details

Water Ski

Water Ski: $23 – $1,056

Water Ski Beginner Lesson: $65
– Instruction on the deck and two rides on the river / Lead Time: 30 minutes

Water Ski Ride: $23, $212, $1,056
– For people who wants to upgrade their water ski skills
– One Ride / 11 Rides / 50 Rides
– Keep the coupon to count your Rides


Wakeboard: $65 – $1,147

Wakeboard Beginner Lesson: $65
– Instruction on the deck and two rides on the river / Lead Time: 30 minutes

Wakeboard Ride: $25, $276, $1,147
– For people who wants to upgrade their wakeboard skills to next level
– One ride / 11 Rides / 50 Rides
– If you are intermediate to advanced level, different price will be applied, please contact us.
– Keep the coupon to count your rides.

Fun Boats

Fun Boats: $19 – $92

Motor Boat Riding: $46, $65, $92
– Course gets longer from the shop from course A to C
– You can ask for a specific destination (e.g. Go to Yeioudo or Banpo Bridge)
– Max 4 people / Lead time starts from 10 minutes to 20, and to 30.

Banana Boat, Bandwagon, Peanut Boat / Flyfish: $19 – $28
– For more than 1 person / Lead Time: 10 minutes

Air Chair: $25
– Ride on the chair on the river / Lead Time: 10 minutes


Packages: $46 – $276

Water Ski Beginner Lesson Package: $276
– Masters how to do two ski and prepare to proceed to one ski / lesson on the deck included
– 10 Rides (Keep your coupons)

Wakeboard Beginner Lesson Package: $276
– Masters how to do free riding / lesson on the deck included
– 10 Rides (Keep your coupons)

Surfing Board Beginner Lesson Package: $276
– Basic posture on how to ride surfing board (Paddling, Push-up, Take-off)
– 10 Rides (Keep your coupons) / Lesson on the deck included

Fun Boats Package – Three Rides: $46
– Choose any three fun boats
– At least two people required to make reservation

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Services & Facilities

*Grey colored services are not provided


Pick Up


Basic English


Basic Chinese


Locker Room


Shower Room


Parking Lot (Charged)

Things to prepare


Washing Kit


Cloths for Change




Sun Block


Address & Contact

Location: Seoul, Han River


Korean: 서울특별시 강남구 압구정동 379-1
English: 379-1, Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone number:

+82)10-5275-6234 or +82)2-3442-3313

Operating Period:

1st of April to 31st of October




8:00 A.M to 7 P.M


How to Get Here


By Car


1) Copy and Paste the following address in navigation application (T map, Naver map, or Daum map): 서울특별시 강남구 압구정동 379-1


By Bus

Destination: Sinsa Middle School
* After arriving the station, walk 10 minutes north to the riverside and find River City. Don’t be confused with Costa Water Leisure

Blue Bus: 143, 240, 342, 362, 647
Green Bus: 3011, 4318, 4412, 4419
Red Bus: 9407, 9507


By Subway

Destination: Apgujeong Station (Line 3) Exit 6

For subway information in Korea, check out the following link:

By Bus


By Subway


Refund Policy

Refund PolicyRefund Rate
Cancel 7 days before100%
Cancel 5 days before70%
Cancel 3 days before50%
Cancel 2 days before30%
Cancel on the day or 1 day beforeNon-refundable

1. If you want to change the date or time of your flight, than please let us know via phone or e-mail.
2. Cancelling due to the weather condition or shop circumstances: 100% refund

Reservation & Ride

If you need a help making reservation, need a ride, or a help on anything, send us an e-mail.


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