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Product Description

Welcome to Mirae Aero Sports!

Experience the beauty of Korea at the Sky. We have the highest flying course in Korea (860m). We are located at Yangpyeong Yoomyung Mountain where many dramas and movies took as a background. We have 25 years of experience, and former national flying players as an instructor.



Course Details

Basic Course

Basic Course: $103

Basic course takes off from 860m Yoo Myung mountain. Just like the video clip. You will stay on the air with the professional instructor for about 15 minutes. Take a look at the grand scenery and feel the gentle breeze.

Lead Time (Moving + Preparing + Flying): 60 Minutes
Flying Time: 15 Minutes
Included: Photos at the taking-off site
Not included: Flying video

Dynamic Course

Dynamic Course: $135

Dynamic Course takes you with more speed. As we glide through the Yoomyung Mountain, our staff will take the video and photo of unforgettable moment. Get ready, it’s going to be wild!

Lead Time (Moving + Preparing + Flying): 60 Minutes
Flying Time: 15 Minutes
Included: Photos during the flight and at the taking-off site, flying video, and dynamic flight

Lovely Couple Course

Lovely Couple Course: $145

Highly recommended for couples. The two pair will take off to the air and follow each other. Take a look at how much fun each other is having! Gentle drive and fantastic time guaranteed for couples.

Lead Time (Moving + Preparing + Flying): 75 Minutes
Flying Time: 20 Minutes
Included: Photos during the flight and at the taking-off site, flying video, dynamic flight, and synchronized flight
* Minimum 2 people required for reservation.

Upstream Course

Upstream Course: $158

No more going down. We will take the stream at rise to the air! This is extremely fun and highly recommended for people who enjoy thrillers!

Lead Time (Moving + Preparing + Flying): 75 Minutes
Flying Time: 20 Minutes
Included: Photos during the flight and at the taking-off site, flying video, dynamic flight, flying control experience, and upstream flight

* We also have paragliding curriculum to properly teach you how to fly on all levels.
It is 5 days intensive training. It is 500,000 won for the beginner and the price may vary depending on your flying skills.
* If you are interested in taking the course, please call us.



Paragliding Video Clip


Why you should choose Mirae Aero Sports.

1. Close from Seoul!

: Only 1 hour away from Seoul by subway (Asin Station)
– We can provide pick-up service
– One day trip to Yangpyeong is possible.

2. Safe!

: Our expertise is the tandem flight.
– We also has an insurance in case of accident.
– Instructors both have a teaching license certified by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation

3. Wonderful!

: We shoot your flight with FHD camera and video devices.
– For your SNS!

Services & Facilities

*Grey colored services are not provided


Pick Up
(Call Us after arriving the Bus or Subway Station)


Basic English


Basic Chinese (Only via phone)


Locker Room


Shower Room


Parking Lot (Free)

Things to prepare

Cloth fit for the season + Shoes

(Anything but slippers, hiking shoes or sneakers will be fine)

USB or Hard Drive

(For those who wants to take a photo or video clip)

Address & Contact

Location: Yangpyeong, 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Seoul by a car


Korean: 경기도 양평군 옥천면 신복리 158
English: 158, Sinbok-ri, Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Phone number:

+82)31-774-8478 or +82)10-2274-3149

Operating Period:

All year (Only closes at bad weathe)




From March to September: 8am to 7pm, from September to March: 10 am to 4pm

Web site:


How to Get Here


By Car


1) Copy and Paste the following address in navigation application (T map, Naver map, or Daum map): 경기도 양평군 옥천면 신복리 158


By Bus


Destination: Obin-ri, dukgu sil station
Bus Number: Bus no. 2000-1 / 2000-2 / 2000-4 (Green Bus)


By Subway

Asin Station, Gyeongui Chungang line (Emerald line)

Make a call to the shop for a pick-up

For subway information in Korea, check out the following link:


Reservation & Ride

If you need a help making reservation, need a ride, or a help on anything, send us (Leisure Korea) an e-mail.


Refund Policy

Refund PolicyRefund Rate
Cancel 2 days before100%
Cancel on the day or 1 day beforeNon-refundable

1. If you want to change the date or time of your flight, than please let us know via phone or e-mail.
2. Cancelling due to the weather condition or shop circumstances: 100% refund



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Additional Information

Flying Course

Basic Course – Relaxing Flight, Dynamic Flying Course, Lovely Couple Flight, Upstream Course

5% Off! Mirae Aero Sports Paragliding에 대한 4개 리뷰

  1. 5 중에서 5로 평가됨

    Renee Tai

    Had my ever first paragliding experience with Mirae Sports company in Yangpyeong on 3 August 2017 with my Dad and brother. Yes, you are right, age is not a problem at all as the trainers and equipments were excellent! Never regretted my choice in during paragliding at this location instead of Danyang for the higher elevation and its closer proximity to Seoul. Plus point for overseas travelers like myself. To kmovie and drama lovers, the amazing scenery of Yangpyeong and this area has been greatly featured on screen and I would recommend you to come and see it up close and personal yourself. More so than the flight experience, the hospitality from Lady boss Cho and Sam Kang is something that made our whole trip much sweeter and memorable. Two thumbs up!

  2. 5 중에서 5로 평가됨

    Justin (인증된 구매자)

    My wife and I did the couple’s flight for her birthday this year in September. The staff was very accommodating by picking us up from the train station and were very nice to talk to. We had a great overall experience and the package was everything it was advertised to be. I would recommend to anyone especially if you need to speak English because all of the crew had great English skills.

  3. 5 중에서 5로 평가됨


    My husband and I went paragliding for my birthday and we had a wonderful time. The staff were very accommodating and professional. They also spoke English, which was incredibly helpful. I can’t say enough great things about the staff at Mirae!
    My husband and I both had the ride of a lifetime!! I would recommend Mirae to anyone looking for a great paragliding experience.

  4. 5 중에서 4로 평가됨

    Jacque (인증된 구매자)

    It was my first Paragliding experience, the autumn colors, the cool breeze, it would be the most memorable one ever. The experience is amazing, the flight was so smooth I wish I could just stay up there for much longer. The team were all very friendly and I am very thankful for she who picked me from the Asin station and was very nice to talk to. The train journey from Hongdae to Asin Station took a little longer than I expected, but it was all worth is as the scenery was very beautiful. Thanks Mirae team for the splendid experience!

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